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Subject: CCS Article – 6FT Madness

Attachments: image1.jpg, image2.jpg, image3.jpg


It all started last spring, I was binge watching carp fishing videos during the lockdowns with my wonderful girlfriend who (thank god) loves to watch carpy videos with me. I saw something that blew my mind in a Nash TV episode with Oli Davies called The Edge where one of the many fish he catches is a beautiful 38lbs mirror and he does it all on 6ft rods. He was targeting the margins, caught a bunch of fish and I was blown away at how he seemed to have great control and agility. The fights were crazy to watch and I could see he was having so much fun, it was completely different from what I was used to seeing with long rods.  It sparked a little something inside me that day and I started thinking of all these swims where I could get them just a few feet out with these short rods.

[image1 here]

Fast forward to June, I finally gave in and got myself a set of Nash Dwarfs 6ft 3lbs tc that I paired with a very cool, quality built and surprisingly affordable reel, the Sonik Xtractor 5000. When I received the rods and put everything together my first reaction was to laugh, I mean compared to what we regularly use this kit looks like a toy and I had a hard time believing that I could actually catch decent sized carp with this. It’s half the size of the rods I have been used to for years but I have to say that it’s pretty stiff with a parabolic and very responsive action. There was only one way to find out if these would work.

[image 2 here]

Spending an afternoon packing lightly to go try to catch a few carp on a 6ft rod is also completely different and a lot of fun so why not change your fishing routine next year and give this light 6ft madness approach a try! The world of carp fishing revolves a lot around catching big fish, using big rods, having tons of gear and there is nothing wrong with that but sometimes we forget to focus on a very simple thing, having fun. If you always set your expectations too high and only want to catch big fish you will inevitably be disappointed sometimes. This can even lead to blinding you to appreciate the simple fact that you’re out fishing, watching the sunset with friends or maybe even by yourself and you should know that this very moment in itself is an absolute success. 

[image 3 here]

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