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Ever wonder what the biggest carp caught in Canada is? 

So have we, hence why we have put together this list of Common and Mirror Carp caught in Canada by Canadian Carp Society Members.

Canadian Carp Society – Est. 2021

Common Carp

A list of the largest Common Carp caught by Canadian Carp Society members.

Mirror Carp

Even though they are rare in Canada we will document and list the large Mirror Carp caught by Canadian Carp Society members.


With your first catch of a 30 lb and 40 lb fish, we will send you a free collectible achievement sticker.


We enjoy celebrating those memorable moments with our members. The reward stickers are just another way of thanking our members for participating in this great community.


The complete gallery is in the members area

Craig Ross

30 lbs 12 oz

Chad Normand

31 lb 2 oz – Common

John ‘The Meatball’ Bulmer

32 lb 2 oz – Common

Sean Martin

33 lb – Common

John “The Meatball” Bulmer

30 lb 2 oz – Common

John “The Meatball” Bulmer

38 lb 10 oz – Common

Dave Pendlebury

31 lb 10 oz – Common

Ben Thomas

33 lb 5 oz – Common

Sean Martin

35 lb – Common

Harry Kouwen

34 lb 9 oz – Common

Brandon Brownlee

37 lb 4 oz – Common

Sean Martin

37 lb – Common

Sean Martin

34.5 lb – Common

Keifer Day

33 lb 12 oz – Common