Community Rules & Guidelines

Every online community requires a certain set of rules and guidelines to ensure smooth operation. The rules laid out here will set the grounds of conduct on this website.

Anyone in breach of these rules will be treated firmly but fairly.

Community Rules

Members of this community shall practice catch and release carp angling and ensure fish safety is of top priority at all times.

This community is comprised of very passionate carp anglers that dislike the sight of fish being mistreated. To prevent unnecessary conflict a few practices are highly recommended.

Posts or Content that display any mistreatment of fish will be removed.

Carp and General Fish Care

Ensure the health of the fish is of top priority by utilizing certain techniques or specialized pieces of gear.

It is not required but highly recommended that members use proper Carp Friendly Landing Nets, a Carp Landing Mat or Cradle, a Bucket and Sling when weighing and handling fish on the bank.

No Harassment or Belittling

This community is here to encourage and educate others on the sport of catch and release carp angling. We promote a friendly encouraging learning atmosphere and environment. We all begin our journey somewhere and not everyone knows everything. If you don’t have anything nice or constructive to say then do not say it at all.

Provincial, Territorial and State Rules and Regulations

Know the rules of the area you target and stay within them. If any member of this community is found to be unlawfully fishing they will be removed along with all of their content.
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