The Canadian Carp Society. 

Find out what you get with your membership.

With frequent new content, free events, discounts, giveaways, podcasts and much more, this is definitely value for money. 


Social Community Platform

We realize not every carp angler is on facebook or instagram. We wanted to provide a secure place for carp anglers to share information, photos, video and connect with others, thats why we went the extra mile and created our own social media platform.

The Canadian Carp Society isn’t just a regular website. It’s a full fledged social platform that allows carp anglers to log in, create profiles, add avatars and cover photos, personalize their profiles and showcase their own angling adventures.

We can best describe it as a combination of some of the other mainstream social networks. It has both following and friend options. No more complex algorithms choosing what content to display, we put the control in the hands of the user to decide what they want to see and from whom.

Exclusive Member Benefits

The member benefits section of the Canadian Carp Society has turned out to be one of our most valuable additions.

If you’re serious about carp angling in North America, these deals will most likely pay for the cost of your Canadian Carp Society Membership in no time.

CCS Store

No community is complete without a store and all the carpy merch that goes with it.

At launch the CCS Store will have all the basic merchandise any reputable community would offer.

We look forward to offering more on the store to our members as time progresses. Check back often for updates and new items/designs.

Articles & Videos

The Articles & Videos section is a portion of the Canadian Carp Society that will grow over time.

We already have a solid batch of member only content but will always be adding more on a regular basis. The Canadian Carp Society Articles and Video section is a portion of the website that will keep adding value as time goes on.

This will not only be content from the CCS founders but members generated content as well. There are many great carp anglers here in Canada and were excited to share their knowledge with the community.


The Canadian Carp Society Podcast already has some great member only episodes. Not only will we be chatting with Canadian Anglers but also other famous anglers from around the globe to get their insights and opinions on Canadian Carp Angling as well.


Ever get tired of joining other contests put on by carp angling companies and communities in other countries only to find out that Canadians are excluded in the fine print?

So are we, we hope to fill that void in Canadian Carp Angling with our own member only competitions and prizes.


With COVID restrictions many big competitions and events are cancelled indefinitely. We look to fill that void for Canadian Carp Society Members with our exclusive Challenge.

We are starting out with our Season One Challenge allowing all CCS members to join up. This will be a bracket style challenge with one angler crowned the winner.

Check out the video above for more details.

Unofficial Records

Ever wonder what the biggest carp caught in Canada or North America in general are? 

So have we, so we put together an unoffical record page on the Canadian Carp Society website that will highlight carp (over 30 lbs) caught by Canadian Carp Society members.

Members Only Events & Social

How can we be promoting socials and events during COVID lockdowns?

This is a section of the site that will be better suited for the future when COVID restrictions ease.

For now we have some virtual events lined up that anglers can participate in while solo on the bank.

Members Buy & Sell Group

In this section of the website we hope to add value to both the beginner and veteran carp angler.

The more seasoned carp anglers that are looking to upgrade pieces of kit can get a fair price for their like new used gear.

Beginners that are looking for an affordable way to pick up some decent gear to start out will find some terrific deals here.

Social Media Accounts

If by now, with all the above items offered, you still aren’t ready to SMASH that “Join Now” button. (Which I’m sure you are.)

Be sure to follow the Canadian Carp Society on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube for future updates and free content.

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