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The Canadian Carp Society Beginner Series

In this series you will learn the fundamental basics to locating, feeding, and catching these amazing, yet underappreciated, and misrepresented fish, as we cover a variety of topics to get you started on your Carpy journey.

At the CCS, we aim to provide not only the beginner, but also the seasoned Carp angler respectively, with the knowledge and feedback from Carp anglers in Canada, USA, even from across the pond in the UK, and to keep you up to date on regulations, tackle, baits and more.

Ultimately our goal in this series is to provide you the beginner, with the tools and information to confidently hit the banks with your friends and family, and that you may enjoy many successful sessions for years to come.

The world of Carp Bait can be tricky for newcomers. It can take years and a lot of money purchasing and testing baits to find out what works in the waters that you target.

Although each angler has their go-to baits, this easy to digest beginners guide by Sean Martin goes over the basics of carp bait. A video most of us wish we had when we first started carp angling.

Sometimes the best approach is to keep it simple but Sean also touches on some of the finer commercial bait options for carp fishing as well.

Catch & Release is at the top of the list with Canadian Carp Society. We promote safe handling of all fish landed. 

Whether you are a seasoned angler or new to the sport of Carp Angling, the video below is a good example of how to remove your catch from the water, transfer it to an unhooking mat, take photos and return the Carp safely. 

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