To think, a few weeks ago most of the lakes out west were still frozen stiff, and now they are opening up and fish are being spotted crashing in shallow bays! Crazy how quickly things can change this time of year. They say that April showers bring May flowers, but let’s hope that those monsoons of late will bring more than just abundant flora! The rivers are swollen, the fish are biting and the SSF is only two weeks away, it’s got to be May! It’s about to get really busy at CCS HQ, so let’s talk about what to expect this month.

If you haven’t already signed up for this SSF event, what are you waiting for? It’s two weeks away! You will note some changes from last years events that we have gone over in previous Newsletters and more information about these changes can be found in the Members area under SSF. Have you wondered perhaps what prompted these changes? Do you have something you want to say about these changes? Do you have some other ideas for how we can improve the formatting of such events? Then the CCS wants to hear from you. These most recent changes are what you might call a “trial run” to see if participants see value in having more of a chance of placing in the top of each category. We will be putting out a member survey and/or hosting a virtual event to get the opinions of our members after the event to determine how these events will proceed going forward. It’s worth signing up to be able to see how these changes could be very welcomed. So don’t delay, kick off is only TWO WEEKS AWAY.

For a little more motivation, check out the prizes on the site.

Don’t forget to tag all of your captures on social media with #CCSSSF2024. Tight lines all!

Recent social media posts have shown how opportunities can be taken away when we don’t take care. Ponds no longer stocking fish for future generations, and access to public being restricted or outright prohibited due to garbage and disrespect of bankspace. Let’s do our part and try and pick up not only after ourselves, but perhaps one other person that doesn’t share the mentality that we do. If everyone adopted such a practice, just imagine how much cleaner this world would be, and how much more opportunities we could see. Kevin Girolametto, our head of the Leave No Trace initiative here with the CCS, has this to say:

For the entire month of May 2024, let’s harness the collective power of Canadian carp anglers and CCS members to drive positive change and inspire others worldwide through our actions and social media presence. Leading by example is a potent force, and when we come together, our impact is magnified. Let’s not only bring back what we take fishing but also take the initiative to clean up any mess left behind by others along the banks. Capture before-and-after photos, weigh any garbage that is collected, and share them in our #leavenotracegroup and/or on social media. By compiling a gallery of images and stories from the CCS community, we aim to motivate and encourage others to follow suit. With the spring SSF approaching (May 18th – 27th), there’s ample opportunity for participants to make a meaningful difference over the 10-day event. Even those not partaking in the SSF can contribute. Let’s focus our efforts and strive to make a significant impact throughout May. If you prefer not to join the #leavenotrace group, you can email your pictures directly to the CCS admin. Thank you in advance to everyone for your participation and dedication to preserving our natural environment.

Speaking of leaving no trace and trying to rectify the great injustice of pollution and garbage, our latest partner ReCast Fishing is bringing us back to the three R’s, and highlighting how we can reduce our impact, by reusing plastics found in aquatic environments to recycle them into new hard plastic baits. We can’t stress enough how on side we at the CCS are, and although not a “carpy” product, we are fully aware that a number of our members are multispecies anglers. With that being said, we have reached out for a partnership and they have accepted! CCS Members receive 10% off of ReCast products. Let’s help ReCast in their mission to have a positive impact on the environment and catch some predatory species in the process. Happy eco-conscience shopping.

Those nasty little buggers are back, and with that comes two of the biggest carriers of bloodborne diseases. Did you know that mosquitos are considered one of the most deadly creatures on the planet as a result of malaria’s high mortality rate in developing countries. Though Canada might not be a developing country, it’s a bit of food for thought that you never know who that mosquito bit last. Be sure to wear repellents with deet when possible and wear clothing that limits exposed skin. Do tick checks after every trip, particularly if where you are fishing is frequented by wildlife such as deer, or is located near dense, unkempt grass/vegetation. When doing a tick check of the body, be sure to check everywhere warm as they are very sneaky and particularly like finding areas of the body where they can be hidden from direct exposed view whilst still remaining warm. Belly buttons and behind the ears are very common places and often go unchecked. Having a tick kit on you or at home is recommended to be able to remove the tick properly upon discovery, as is tucking pants into socks when possible to give ticks less access to warm areas such as inside of the knees, groin and buttocks. Lyme disease is on the rise and tick populations are expanding annually so take this matter seriously.

Join us in recognizing Canadian Mental Health Awareness Week from May 6 to 12, 2024, as we shed light on the importance of mental well-being. Did you know that activities like carp fishing can promote good mental health? Engaging in outdoor recreational activities like fishing promotes mindfulness and relaxation, contributing to a positive mindset. This year the CMHA’s Mental Health Week aims to emphasize the healing power of compassion, this year’s theme, “A Call to be Kind,” urges us to recognize the profound impact of kindness on mental health. Let’s embrace our capacity for compassion and come together to support one another. We invite you to join the mental health group on the CCS platform, where members can potentially connect, share experiences, find support or simply read others posts surrounding mental health. Together, let’s explore how compassion connects us all and make a difference in the lives of those struggling with mental health challenges.

Sean Martin, the carp catching connoisseur is also a lover of all things nature and an advocate for respecting those with whom we share the bank with. He shared a message of similar sentiment last year and we felt it needed to be shared once again. To paraphrase, as anglers, we are guests to the river and so should give courtesy to nesting birds and other wildlife (yes that means snakes too, Sean) recognizing that this space is their home. Be cautious as to where you step, and be sure to clean up after yourself to help protect not only the wildlife, but also protect the space for future generations to enjoy. Brilliantly said, Sean! As anglers we are the boots on the ground for places such as the MNR and our voice is important. If you see anything that seems to be a concern, do not keep it to yourself and if you see others not respecting wildlife, do your part and confront or report it. We are guests, and so we should be sure to show some etiquette.

We absolutely missed mentioning last month that the Angler of the Year campaign has commenced once again. We will be sticking with the same categories as last year; The Beastmaster, The Most Improved, The Most Hardcore, The Mentor and The Angler of the Year. Last year was such a resounding success and we are excited to bring it back for its second year. All the great posts throughout April have been a great sign that the 2024 race for Angler of the Year has begun. Keep your eyes on the social media channels for anglers that exemplify what it means to be an ambassador of the sport, who is actively involved and contributes to the community in a variety of ways. Also watch for those anglers who are new to the sport that are learning by leaps and bounds and progressing well in their craft. Finally, consider those hardcore anglers that fish in any and all conditions, and those that manage to find behemoth carp consistently. If all of these boxes are ticked for one angler, then perhaps they are worthy of the title of Angler of the Year. From now until the end of the season, engage and immerse yourself in the community. Who knows, perhaps you will find yourself holding one of those five titles at the end of this year.

Win a pair of Nash Siren S5 Digital Alarms. Renowned Siren sensing capability with advanced digital technology and component integrity for reliable, responsive indication whatever the weather. Keep you eye on the Competition tab – This giveaway will go live next week.

We hope that your spring campaigns have been fruitful thus far and that you have managed to find sometime or will over the course of the SSF event to be able to get in a bit of fishing alongside your fellow members. The finest season of them all is upon us friends, let’s get out in the pursuit of some golden glory! 


Ah, it is the month of love, family and friendship. Hopefully your significant other showered you with gifts a plenty in the form of some fluoro pink pop ups (always a good choice in spring)! Although some of us might be dreading the idea that this month has an extra day this year, our meteorologically inclined rodents have given us some good news; a promise of an early spring! Though winter likely won’t go quietly, we do hope that those fuzzy little buggers are right and that soon our waters will be a bit more wibbly wobbly. Welcome to February friends, we are nearly there! We hope that this installment finds you well.

On January 21st we hosted our first annual Angler of the Year Virtual Banquet. We celebrated the achievements of the 2023 season and honoured some of those amongst us that exhibited exemplary angling, conservationism, and the spirit of the CCS and Canadian Carp angling. We applaud all of those who were recognized for being in the running for the titles of The Beastmaster, The Mentor, The Most Improved Angler and The Most Hardcore Angler. Congrats to our winners; Sean Martin, John Bulmer, Dawson Cadeau and Peter Weldon! You gentlemen are truly extraordinary in your own rights and we are pleased to have you as a part of this community. We are already keeping our eyes on the newsfeed as this new year dawns, searching for those who stand out amongst us. Remember, if you embody the philosophies of the CCS, put in the work on developing your craft, and take us along on the journey, you could very well be recognized amongst your fellow members!

Do you like free stuff? Does a bear **** in the woods? Well you could be a winner in the months of March and April! If you didn’t already know, as a member you get a discount at Carp Kit International, a true one stop shop for all things carpy here in Canada! On top of that incredible discount however, Carp Kit has just offered something amazing! You could win $150 of carp gear in March and April! If you place an order for ANYTHING from Carp Kit in March and April you will automatically be entered into the monthly draw. There is a code that will need to be entered that will only be made available to our members. So be sure to check out COMPETITIONS for that code, members! Simon will draw the winner each month using Wheel Of Names. The draw will be posted to Official Announcements. Time to stock up for spring and maybe, just maybe win some freebies to boot!

Our latest content features an article by William Muschett that dives into some of his favourite camping and carping in comfort hacks. This is a great little article, and it will certainly get those wheels turning as to how to make your stay on the bankside more comfortable this season! If you have any other great hacks, be sure to post them on the site using the hashtag #hacks. In addition to this, our latest podcast has gone live! Our very own Anthony Russell sat down with Joe Wooltorton A.K.A Curly (@nuffinbutfishing) for a great chat about videography, photography and much more! If you recall, Joe sat down with Galen Yerex (@ontcarpn) and Dan Patteson ( at Ashmansworthy Pools in the UK for Carpology segment which was certainly the talk of our community. Could this mean Carpology finds its way to Canada… time will tell! Finally, a little birdie has informed us that CCSTV Ep.6 is ready to launch! Be sure to keep your eyes on the site for an official release date!

A brief message from our Mental Health and Leave No Trace ambassador, Kevin Girolametto:
It’s okay not to be okay. In a world where mental health struggles often go unnoticed, or unaddressed, it’s crucial to acknowledge that many of us are grappling with inner battles. Shockingly, statistics reveal that one in two individuals facing mental health issues aren’t accessing the necessary support, indicating a significant gap in access to vital services. However, there’s no shame in acknowledging these struggles; in fact, it’s essential to talk about them openly to break down the stigma surrounding mental health. For many, myself included, fishing serves as a sanctuary, a way to practice mindfulness and find solace amidst life’s challenges. Whether landing a fish or simply soaking in the peacefulness of nature, fishing offers a much-needed escape from the daily hustle and bustle, providing valuable downtime for mental well-being. Check out our Mental Health Tab in the members area and please don’t hesitate to join our Mental Health group.

You may recall that we put out a request to our community recently asking for a select number of members to commit to consistent installments be it weekly, monthly etc. A huge shoutout to Jeff Christian, one of our most active members for offering up his time to bring us Jeff’s Journal! In addition to this, we are excited to see Reg Doucet, Gerald Pirson and James Capitain (Fishing in the Basement with the River Rats) producing some great content on YouTube that has been shared on our social feed as well. From bait making, to unboxing videos to hacks we are excited to see what more comes from this channel! Whether it be videos, articles, or simply posts, we celebrate all of our members’ contributions.

In the Northern Hemisphere, the northmost reaches of a body of water heat up the fastest, as they are exposed to sunlight for more extended periods of time. This means that generally speaking, carp will gather in shallower waters on the Northern side of a lake as spring temperatures begin to warm things up. This little tidbit of knowledge might come in handy should you begin scouting your spring campaign swims. Of course, there are exceptions to this, like for example if a body of water has a warm water discharge or a creek/river mouth that’s source extends far into the land into wide open and winding topography. These locations would be optimal for the simple fact that these warmer, flowing waters would be rich in nutrients and early season hatches. Hopefully, this little tip on where to look has helped you narrow your focus for this coming season!

Have you landed an incredible capture worthy of our URC Gallery? Or perhaps that first mirror that will forever be etched into your memory? Why not immortalize it in style! For our CCS Members you will receive 20% off digital copies of your favourite catches. Andy at Bankbound has created some amazing images. We have teamed up with BankBound to offer our members the opportunity to get your own at a huge discount. You can find Bankbound on Instagram – @bankboundcarppics.

Well, that’s you all caught up for this month! Let’s hope that the fuzzy forecaster was right on all accounts, and soon that white powdery nonsense will go the way of the dodo and the ice will release our lakes from its firm grasp. One can hope!


Happy New Year! We hope that you had a wonderful winter holiday with friends and loved ones. It may seem bleak now, but rest be assured those days are beginning to grow longer. We are sure that the majority of you are longing for the inevitable and long awaited start to the new season. However, while you curse your sore back from all of the shoveling and vex the cold through chattering teeth, sit back for a few moments and read this latest installment in our monthly newsletter for some exciting things to come in 2024!

The votes have been cast, and the winners decided. Who will take home the titles of Beastmaster, Most Improved, The Mentor, and the Most Hardcore and of course the Angler of the Year? Well, you will just have to tune in to our live broadcast on Sunday, January, 21st 7:00 PM (EST) to find out! A little birdie has also chirped in to inform us that there will be a few more titles and honourable mentions to be acknowledged! We won’t be providing any further details or hints at this time, so tune in for a wondrous time, in celebration of outstanding anglers in your community! 

Our ever popular SSF Series is entering into its fourth year! Over these four years, changes have been made throughout to ensure improved cohesion, management, and more consistent updates. These changes aim to make things more streamlined and equitable. New this year, starting with the Spring SSF, there will be SOLO OR TEAM entries only. This means that if you enter as a solo angler you CANNOT enter as part of a team. Likewise, if you enter as part of a team you CANNOT enter as a solo angler. We made this change to give all of our members a chance of getting into the top of each leaderboard. Please contact us if you have any questions. Our aim is to make this a worldwide event, bringing our community together on our own platform while promoting the CCS on other social media using #CCSSSF and #THECCS

We listen to your feedback! This year we will be upping the ante on the SSF prizes. Please keep an eye on the site for announcements on this over the next few weeks. 

Although we do have a few more articles coming down the pipe, they are coming from names that we have all seen before, and power to them for continuing to produce quality content! However, this is a community and we can all learn from one another. With that being said, we are looking for one or two people that would be interested in doing a weekly or bi-weekly column for the CCS site.

What might this include?
Mini articles, opinions, ramblings and rants about our sport. Pretty much anything goes.
500 to 1500 words with a couple of photos.
This will have its own section within ARTICLES.
These would be emailed to CCS.
This is member only content.

If you are interested, please email – [email protected]

On the search for the perfect compact tackle box? How about with a little rig wallet portion built right in? Well, look no further  you could be our lucky winner!

The Korda BASIX Tackle Box has been designed to offer plenty of storage space for all your rig bits, whilst making it easy to organise and find them when you need to. It is made from shockproof, high impact plastic, with a translucent lid to enable you to see inside.

The lid features a ruler to enable you to accurately measure your rigs and is fastened via two latch closures to prevent any chance of it coming open during transit. Inside the lid of the BASIX Tackle Box are 21 small latched compartments of various sizes, which are perfect for storing items such as lead clips and swivels. Inside the box there are two large compartments, with fixed dividers, which are perfect for rig tools, hook link spools and the like.

It also features a removeable rig tray, complete with pins, which can be used to store up to eight pre-tied rigs (such as the BASIX Ready Tied Hair Rigs), and under this is another long storage compartment.

Entries for this giveaway close on Wednesday 31st January 2024. Be sure to check out this competition under the Members only tab!

Have you tried Monster Carp Tackle’s Corn Pellets? Well, if you haven’t added them into a spod mix, or into some PVA, consider yourself missing out! You can find tons of affordable feeder boilies, corn pellets and hookbaits on the Monster Carp Tackle site, along with their top notch Universal Perfection hook range, and other bits and bobs on their website CCS Members get 10% just for being a member! Check out our Benefits page under the Members only tab for the discount code!

Adam Battersby added a few special photos to the feed the other day of some mirrors he landed on the notorious Rice Lake. It got us thinking about a special little page that we have in conjunction with our URC. Perhaps you haven’t seen it? Our Mirrors Gallery is open to those special recessive mutants that we call mirrors! Have you landed a fully scaled? A near leather? A linear?! Well if so, consider submitting photos along with required details to the Mirrors gallery! We are seeing more and more special specimens getting added, proving that the long standing myth that our wild waters only contain cookie cutter commons is utter nonsense…as overwhelming as that ratio might be on certain waters! Additionally, if you manage to land a substantial fish over thirty pounds this season, consider adding it to our URC 2024 page! Take a peak over at these two pages on the site, and get some motivation to pursue something amazing this year!

We’ve noted some very interesting posts coming from our members as of late on the feed. One that really got our attention was Galen’s post about weights and whether we really need three plus ounces. It was thought provoking and definitely got a few members engaged in discourse. We built this social platform for just such a reason. Our forum is designed to engage our community and drive critical thinking for us all to broaden our perspectives and improve in this amazing sport. So whether you have a great bait recipe, a tip on how to be more eco friendly, interesting theories you wish to bounce off of seasoned anglers or questions on how to improve catch rates, that’s what we want to see! If it starts a conversation, who knows what it could blossom into… that’s how the CCS started after all! 

Have you been following this newsletter for a while now and thinking about becoming a member? Are you set to renew your membership soon and wondering what our Pro Level membership offers over our Standard Level? Well, we are starting to roll out this year’s merch packs. We change the design of the t-shirt every year. It might be a subtle change but this year is something a little different. Likewise, the same can be said for the merch packs. These include some new additions! At the time of writing, the first 20 packs are being sent out this week. 

As per usual, we hope that this newsletter finds you well. To our friends and members in the Prairies, we hope that this cold snap releases you from its grip soon. Stay warm! Meanwhile, Ontarians and Quebecois are playing a good ole game of “where is the road?” Really makes you grateful for those warm summer days ahead, doesn’t it? A round of applause to those nutty enough to brave the cold and the powder for some winter glory. Can’t wait to see more of those first fish of 2024. Tight lines all!



21st October 2023

When we kicked off the CCS Challenge Series 2023 in June, CCS Ops Dave Pendlebury had the idea that the winner could challenge a member of the DT Baits UK team. We put that to DT Baits and it was accepted with pleasure! 

DT UK Team member Adrian Spooner stepped up to face CCS Challenge winner Sean Martin.

How it works. 

– Adrian will be fishing at a location in Kent, England. 12pm GMT.
– Sean will be fishing at a location in Ontario, Canada. 7am ET.
– Starting at the same time, both anglers will have 24 hours to catch. Biggest carp landed wins.
– Each angler will check-in by video at the start of the challenge, every 4 hours, and at the end of the challenge. 
– There will be filming at both locations. 

Thank you to Fenton Trewick and Swimbooker for helping to make this challenge possible. 

Is it just us, or did summer absolutely fly by? The kids are back in school, the nights are starting to get cool, the autumnal equinox approacheth! Welcome to September 2023, these next two months, for the majority of our readers, will be the home stretch for campaigns for this year. Next to spring, as many of you know, fall can provide us anglers with some of the year’s best angling opportunities. So take advantage and get out there, but before you make any plans… READ THIS NEWSLETTER!


Our Final SSF Event of the 2023 Season. Have you booked the time off of work yet? Our Fall SSF Event is mere weeks away!

Starting September 30th and running until October 9th our members from across the country, and even the WORLD will be competing to put up their top captures during the course of the ten day event to battle it out for the number one position and be recognized and compensated handsomely for their efforts! Be sure to check the rules and instructions for submissions on the SSF tab of the members area. Registration closes on September 29th @12:00 EST. If you happen to net an absolute lump, post it to our URC page to earn a sweet sticker or two and be recognized for your impressive capture in our URC Gallery for 2023. Be sure to record some footage as well for our CCSTV that is now accepting submissions for upcoming episodes!


This is just a reminder that the CCS is calling on our members to keep their eyes open for exemplary anglers for our Angler of the Year awards. Do you know an angler that goes above and beyond to catch a trophy specimen? Perhaps you know a great advocate who helps promote the sport to everyone who engages with them? Or perhaps an angler that seems to have a real knack for finding overhanging trees and butchering every cast? Keep these members in mind when it comes time to cast your votes for each of our categories. Yes, we are turning this over to you towards the end of this season, hopefully you already have a few anglers in mind.


Speaking of CCSTV, episode 5 is set to drop soon. This ongoing series is our way of promoting our members and sharing elements of their fishing experiences. It can only continue to exist with help from content coming from you! So be sure to continue sending in your submissions no matter what they are. Got a tackle review? Or perhaps a great bankside tip? Maybe you have a blooper that will split your fellow members’ sides. If it is carpy related, there will be space for it! Just another one of the perks of being a member of the CCS.


Our 2023 CCS Social is fast approaching. There is only ONE ticket remaining for our members. There are also a few non-angling guest tickets available (please inquire). If you are interested in taking part in an amazing event with a number of CCS members from across the provinces of Ontario and Quebec somewhere along the St. Lawrence Seaway, we encourage you to pick up that last ticket and join us! Last year’s event was a great success and a video of that social can be found on our YouTube channel so check it out if you wish to see what you can expect!


John O’Connor, for those who didn’t know, was our Benefits Manager who helped facilitate such benefits packages as our Kal Tire deal. This particular position is a very challenging one and John did an outstanding job at looking at all avenues to try and find more companies from all walks of life to run in partnership with us. We thank him for his service as he has chosen to step down from his position with our OPS Team (to stop making all of those phone calls or writing countless emails and catch some prairie lumps no doubt!) We welcome Dan Patteson in his place as our new Benefits and Sponsorship Manager! Welcome aboard Dan, you have some big shoes to fill! 

Meet the team: Click here


As of the 5th October 2023, all current and new Pro Membership holders will be eligible for 8% discount at Carp Kit. CCS Members with a Standard Membership can upgrade to Pro level in their account settings. 

We would like to thank Carp Kit for the ongoing support of the Canadian Carp Society.


CCS Members get an exclusive deal with Kal Tire! Which include the following perks:

1. Enhanced discounts on new Passenger & Light Truck tires
• The most popular brands are available to you at lower than normal pricing. These brands include; Nokian, Bridgestone, Firestone, Michelin, BF Goodrich, Sumitomo, Nitto, Uniroyal, Yokohama & others.

2. 5% discount on tire services (excludes new tire installation)

3. 10% discount on mechanical services, mechanical parts, wheels & wheel parts.

4. VIP account is valid at all Kal Tire locations throughout Canada.

5. Nationwide Warranty at all Kal Tire locations through our Customer Care Plan which includes:
• FREE flat repairs for the life of the tire
• Road hazard protection on all personal use passenger & light truck tires purchased, with FREE replacement if the tire is damaged beyond repair within 30 days, and pro-rated replacement if unserviceable for the life of the tread
• Tread life GUARANTEE on selected tires
• LIFETIME balancing on original assembly
• FREE tire rotation (rotating tire position)
• FREE basic vehicle inspection
• 30 DAY no-hassle guarantee

A huge thanks to Kal Tire for their partnership and offering these discounts on products and services to our members! 


It all comes down to our final match up! Sean Martin will be squaring off against Anthony Russell for the gold! Will the title return to the Prairies for a second time? Or will Ontario claim its very first victory? Stay tuned for more information as these two gladiators will be going to war in mere days to come! 

The winner of the Challenge Series 2023 will go on to face Adrian Spooner of DT Baits. More details on this as we get them. 


An Example of What We Are Looking For!

We are calling on all of our members to keep your eyes on that CCS members only news feed. We spotted something on the radar recently that really had us chuffed. Our friend Jean-Michael Smith not only wrote about his unforgettable experience fishing in the prairies, but also his first Canadian carp fishing season, and how grateful he was for the CCS to meet new friends and be inspired by all of the photos that were coming in from anglers across the country. He concludes by stating he looks forward to next year to enjoy more of what this beautiful country has to offer. Outstanding! This is what the CCS was made for, cheers Jean and congrats on catching some stunning Prairie gold! 

Do you know an angler that goes above and beyond to catch a trophy specimen? Perhaps you know a great advocate who helps promote the sport to everyone who engages with them? Or perhaps an angler who’s OCD has them adjusting all of their reel handles to be at the EXACT same angle? Keep these members in mind when it comes time to cast your votes for each of our categories! Yes, we are turning this over to you towards the end of this season, hopefully you already have a few anglers in mind! 

Brace yourselves! Some of the year’s best fishing opportunities are about to befall us! As those leaves begin to fall, the carp will be looking to pack on those fall feed bags ahead of what is expected to be a nasty winter for the lot of us here in the Great White North… We shudder at the thought!

Tight lines to all!


Hard as it may be to believe, our 100 days of summer is dwindling away and soon the trees will put on their autumnal dress. The kids will return to school and we will get stuck behind those school buses again on our commute to work. Not to be the bearer of bad news folks, but before we know it, the nights will become longer and the temperatures will begin to dip into those less than preferred negative integers. Enough of that dismal nonsense though, let’s get back to the reality at hand. The fishing has been amazing, our members all across the country are catching and there is still plenty of time left to have red-letter sessions. Happy August CCS, let’s recap what has gone down this month and what is to come. 


The 2023 CCS social, if you weren’t already aware, has been confirmed. Tickets have been flying out of the CCS Store, and there are only a handful remaining. If you are interested in taking part in an amazing event with a number of CCS members from across the provinces of Ontario and Quebec somewhere along the St. Lawrence Seaway, we encourage you to pick up a ticket of your own and join us. Last year’s event was a great success and a video of that social can be found on our YouTube channel so check it out if you wish to see what you can expect.

NEW FOR 2023: We also have a limited number of Non-Fishing Guest Tickets available. Details for these can be found on the store. 


This is just a reminder that the CCS is calling on our members to keep their eyes open for exemplary anglers for our Angler of the Year awards. Do you know an angler that goes above and beyond to catch a trophy specimen? Perhaps you know a great advocate who helps promote the sport to everyone who engages with them? Or perhaps an angler that seems to have a real knack for finding overhanging trees and butchering every cast? Keep these members in mind when it comes time to cast your votes for each of our categories. Yes, we are turning this over to you towards the end of this season, hopefully you already have a few anglers in mind.


Round three is over, and we are down to our final eight anglers who will be battling it out for their place in the semi and final. A big congrats to Jeff Christian, Louis-Michel Gravel, Nathan Savoie, Sean Martin, Jarrett Harris, Andrew Walker, Anthony Russell and Justin Lamere for making it this far in the challenge. It all wraps up September 25th, so by our next newsletter we should most certainly have updates as to who our semi finalists, or even finalists are. Stay tuned and tight lines to the lot of you! You can keep up with all of the updates under our Challenges tab and/or on the main feed.


The beloved CCS TV series is continuing with Episode 5 now in production! Submissions are still being accepted and we encourage anyone who wants to be featured as a member of the CCS to submit their recordings. Whether it be a rig tip, a fish care video, a hilarious blooper, or perhaps a PB bucket soaking, submit those clips to John Bulmer who is overseeing the entire project. Big ups once again to John for this undertaking. Stay tuned for updates on a release date. 


A big thanks to Sean Martin for hosting our most recent CCS Live. Sean sat down with a number of guests including previous winners of SSF and Challenge series events. They discussed tactics, and hardships of their experiences and it is definitely worth checking out to get unique perspectives and insight from members across this country. A date for the next CCS Live event is already being discussed so if you have any ideas for topics you would like to see discussed or guests you would like to see on, feel free to share those on the social channel.


As we begin to feel those nights get colder, it is important that we come prepared for all that this time of year can throw at us. Some nights it might be pleasant and warm, other nights damp and downright chilly. If you are going out for an overnight session, bring more than you need in terms of clothing. You could fall into the drink and find yourself soaked and very uncomfortable shivering in your bedchair. It doesn’t take much to pack an extra pair of pants, a sweater, and some socks and undergarments for extenuating circumstances such as this! Remember that your comfort often dictates your length of stay.


Let’s talk about some mega captures that have been posted to the site recently. The Patteson brothers have been absolutely killing it lately fishing a stunning location on Rice Lake! Numerous 20+ lb specimens have been banked and better yet, they have been sharing these incredible captures with kids and loved ones. It’s wonderful to see our carpy missionaries out there converting the young and impressionable. All jokes aside, it’s great to see these advocates putting kids on fish. (Perhaps one of those Angler of the Year considerations…?)

As per usual, Louis-Philip Lortie is also smashing it, catching a PB Mirror of 40 lbs 8 oz! This along with a ton of other 25+ lb mirrors from a well known Mirror Lake in Quebec to add to his impressive catch diary. The Martins (Sean and Alisha) have also been crushing it on the Bay of Quinte and surrounding Trent River, with numerous units hitting their mat as well! Richard Thelander’s recent post about the discovery of carp in the river in his backyard has us all envious. We have also noted a few UK and Portuguese peeps popping in on the feed as well posting some of their captures as well! Happy to see that the year has been kind to all of us.
Keep on posting, friends! 

We hope that this newsletter finds you all well, and like the Patteson’s get a kid out fishing before the hustle and bustle of school kicks off again!

Tight lines all!

Don’t tell dad, but someone has been messing with the thermostat! We hope you are staying cool in this outrageous heat as our country shows off its shorter lived, but equally extreme summer. A LOT happened over the month of June and as we enter July there is still so much more in store!

CCS Merch

Speaking of in store, have you checked out our CCS Store? Our Classic Hoodie is back! Members have access to our ever growing merchandise selection. Hats, shirts, stickers and more! Be sure to don yourself in that sweet CCS swag, or drip or whatever the kids say nowadays!

SSF Summer Results

With that summer heat came some challenging conditions for anglers to face across this country. However, some impressive fish were still managed and we have the results of our SSF Solo and Teams event! A big congratulations to Carpin’ With the Martins, the ABC’S Of Carping and Team Corn Walrus for their respective top three performances in the Teams category. For our Solo winners, big ups to Anthony Russell, Dawson Cadeau, and Sean Martin. Our Fall SSF will be the last of our events of the year and you have plenty of time to prepare! Be sure to keep your eyes on our Official Announcements page for more details!

Challenge Series Season 3 – Round 1

The first round of season three of our Challenge Series is complete! Advancing to the second round we see some interesting match ups. Dawson Cadeau vs Jeff Christian; Louis-Michel Gravel vs Adam Battersby; Nathan Savoie vs Alex Derby; Kevin Girolametto vs Sean Martin; Jarrett Harris vs John O’Connor; Louis Philip Lortie vs Andrew Walker; and Galen Yerex vs Anthony Russell. Justin Lamere was lucky enough to draw a bye into round three! There are some seriously competitive anglers going head to head in this second round and it could come down to mere ounces! Break out the pom poms to root on your pick! Did we mention that the winner of the Challenge Series will go head to head against a member of the DT Baits UK Team?

Angler Of The Year

Members, have you or someone you follow been actively engaged on our platform? Do they write and engage with posts, write ups, content creation and such to highlight how their season is going? Take note of this and perhaps you or someone you know might be eligible for an Angler of the Year award. 

At year’s end, members will have the opportunity to vote on a series of categories to decide all members most fitting of the presented titles. Once the votes are calculated, we will host a live broadcast to celebrate the accomplishments of our members and provide recognition to those YOU feel were most deserving through their actions and activities. 

If you or someone you know is new to the sport, a specimen hunter, a carpy mentor or an absolutely obsessive Carp angler there is a category for you! With a few fun ones tossed in for good measure.

More details are available on the Angler Of The Year page.

Angler Care

With this intense heat and brilliant sunshine we at the CCS would like to remind our members or anyone for that matter that receives these newsletters about the importance of angler care in these conditions. It may sound silly that reminders need to be given regarding this topic, but of course we are all forgetful at times and this can have serious consequences! Be sure to pack water for sessions big and small! Staying hydrated is absolutely key to surviving this intense heat, so be sure to pack more than you need… it might even save a life. Seek shade and or bring a shelter to find refuge from the sun. During this time of year having a brolly or vented day shelter can be a virtue to escape the sun’s intense influence, however if one finds themselves near some fichus and without their shelter, they could just as easily seek nature’s umbrellas in the form of a shade tree. Bring sunscreen, even if you look fresh out of the tanning beds. Just because you look like stained wood and have skin as stiff as leather, doesn’t mean you aren’t being harmed by the sun’s UV radiation. Wearing sunscreen will help to protect your exposed skin from the harmful effects of extended sun exposure. Wearing a hat and polarized sunglasses will not only help you spot fish and look the part, they will also help to keep you cool and protect your eyes from intense sunlight. Finally, wearing lighter and breathable clothing will help to keep you comfortable both when sitting and waiting for that bite as well as fighting your quarry. Always take the time to ensure that you are also doing tick checks and bringing insect repellents to protect you from Canada’s wondrous flying, biting, blood suckers. 

CCS Live #4

After a brief hiatus CCS Live is back! Join Sean Martin on July 29th @7:00 pm EST as he discusses the SSF, Challenge Series, Leave No Trace and more. The guests have not yet been announced, but keep an eye out on the official announcements page. Speaking of, there will also be a special announcement during this Live about something coming later this year! Stay tuned!

Korda Comp

For this competition all you need to do is film a two to three minute video… that’s it! This 2-3 minute clip needs to be about your tackle box, a great rig tutorial, or simply a tip or trick! Get creative and have a chance to win this great bit of kit. For more details, check out Competitions under our Members Area tab. 

And Finally… 

Schools out, time to get those kids off of the xboxes and out on the bank sitting on tackle boxes! We hope you have a wonderful July, and here’s hoping a few absolute chunks will grace your nets!

For some of us in Ontario and Quebec, a really brief warm spell in mid April was a very welcomed bit of weather that a good number of our constituents took advantage of. With temperatures approaching 30 degrees Celsius we received but a teaser of what many of us have been longing for. However, only a few days later we returned to at first seasonal and then well below seasonal temperatures, a wonderful reminder that our beloved Mother Nature can sometimes be a real temperamental… anyway. Welcome to May!

Leave No Trace

Just because Earth Day has come and gone, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be putting ECO over our own EGOs. We have heard from some of our members that they have already been observing waterfowl and turtles occupying the same spaces as them on the bank. Keep an eye out for our animal brothers and sisters and consider giving them the space to feel comfortable laying and raising their young. Needless to say we share this space with them and we need to recognize that we are the ones who are guests. As such, we need to remember to take out what we bring in, and even leave spaces BETTER than we find them. We know that we hammer this point into you often, just recognize that we feel this is a fundamental part of affirming our identity not only as an authority on carp fishing in Canada, but also as ambassadors for the conservation of this beautiful marble we call home. Let’s do our part and lead by example.

Mental Health Awareness

May 1st to 7th was Mental Health Week. This is obviously something that we at the CCS are really passionate about, as for many of us, angling is something that has saved us from the worst of ourselves. Regardless however, people still fight battles that some of us could scarcely imagine, and it hits closer to home than you could comprehend. Let’s end the stigma of talking about the way we feel (looking at you in particular, fellas)! Let’s instead open up the floor to difficult conversations and resolutions, over stagnation and succumbing to the darkness. Mental health is physical health and needs to be a priority in your life.

Check in on your friends!

SSF & Challenge Series

The time is nearly upon us to start (what will be for many) the first MEGA campaign of the year! The Spring SSF is merely DAYS away friends! Did you remember to book that time off of work? From what we can see the number of anglers that have signed up is the highest it has been to date! We are very excited to see what will come out of our illustrious waters this year and have heard rumours of some die hard missions that some of our members are on. This might get a bit competitive… but remember it is all in good fun!

The Challenge Series, on the other hand, is set to be cutthroat this year! Remember that ANYTHING can happen. Where the SSF is a week long, the Challenge comes down to a day of fishing. Ultimately, the day chosen could see a real contender facing near impossible conditions, or an underdog finding a shoal of absolute units during the duration of their session. It can truly come down to one fish, just ask William Muschett (that’s me I am writing this LOL)! Registration will be opening up soon so be sure to keep your eye out for the official announcement.

First Social: Peterborough

Our first social of 2023 was a successful one all things considered! A number of anglers from across Ontario met just north of Peterborough at a very accessible location for a day of fishing in some proper gag-worthy weather. The rain, wind and cold was less than desirable, but this didn’t stop Jacob Wyrzykowski from showing everyone how it was done, banking four gorgeous fish up to 32 lbs! Outstanding performance sir, and remember to upload that biggun to the URC Page! The CCS put up a $75 Monster Carp Tackle gift card for a draw! Congratulations to Craig Ross for winning that draw! Big thanks to James Nowell, Galen Yerex, Wayne Smith and Dan Patteson for helping to make this event a success. Stay tuned for the announcement for the next one.

Personal Safety: Ticks

Those little blood sucking, Lyme disease carrying a–arachnids are on the move once again. Once temperatures exceed 5 degrees Celsius, ticks begin to emerge and orient themselves on the outer reaches of grasses and branches in hopes of finding a host to latch on to. With concerns of ailments like Lyme Disease, we need to be mindful not only of where we walk, but also of doing tick checks after treks through taller vegetation/wooded areas. Tick repellents are also recommended as a means of deterring them. Don’t let a little bug become a BIG problem.

There is a very good article by Kevin Girolametto in the members section. Go to Articles > Ticks & Lyme Disease.

And Finally… 

To see the catch reports flying in, is certainly lighting a fire for the lot of us. The coming weeks look prime for some action for those of you that are waiting in the wings for an optimal time to get out there. Remember to double check that those bait stops are firmly in place and those hook protectors are off!


It’s finally here! Even our friends in the prairies are seeing temperatures in the double digits on the right side of the zero! Spring has finally arrived, and the capture reports are rolling in! Can you believe that there have already been a few 30 lb specimens landed by our members this year?! If this is telling of what is to come, this will be a season to remember. Hopefully, you have all booked off that time for our upcoming SSF event in May, and hopefully you are finding some time to, if not fish, scout out some promising locations for that first campaign of the year.

Angler Of The Year

The goal of this program is to highlight the growth, efforts and interactions of CCS members throughout the year. Members simply need to engage on our platform and within the various groups throughout the year with posts, write ups, content creation and such to highlight how their season is going. That’s it, just be active on our site so everyone can share in your journey of Carpyness.

At year’s end, members will have the opportunity to vote on a series of categories to decide all members most fitting of the presented titles. Once the votes are calculated, we will host a live broadcast to celebrate the accomplishments of our members and provide recognition to those YOU feel were most deserving through their actions and activities. 

If you are new to the sport, a specimen hunter, a carpy mentor or an absolutely obsessive Carp angler there will be a category for you. More details to follow, so watch our Official Announcements page.

First Social Of 2023

By popular request, we have decided to piece together a few more socials this year in varying locations across Canada. Our first this year will be in Peterborough, Ontario. April 29th is the current proposed date, and more details will follow so be sure to check out the site. This will be a day long social, as opposed to our previous multi-day socials. Look out for more socials similar to this one and nearer to you, to have the opportunity to meet more of our members and maybe have a few fish along the way!

Member Benefits

If you have been watching our Benefit page, then you know all too well that there are already a number of benefits to being a CCS member. Well, good news, more benefits are coming! They have been set in stone, and some of these will require you to have a digital/printed copy of your membership. Some of these benefits include a national tire service, accommodations and even a brand new tackle supplier. Keep your eyes peeled, as there are some pretty great perks on the horizon.

Earth Day

Earth Day is a globally recognized event that has taken place annually on April 22nd to raise awareness and inspire action towards environmental protection. It is crucial to take steps towards preserving the natural environment. As avid carp anglers in Canada, it is important for us to do our part and keep the swims that we fish litter free. Litter and debris not only detract from the beauty of these locations, but also have a harmful impact on the local wildlife and their habitats.

Remember, every little effort counts towards creating a sustainable environment, and Earth Day provides the perfect opportunity to start. Let’s all do our part and make a conscious effort to clean up after ourselves and leave the swims we fish better than we found them! The Canadian Carp Society believes that by taking collective action we can create a positive impact on the environment and inspire others to do the same.

Please join CCS members Kevin Girolametto, Adam Battersby and Chad Normand this coming April 22nd for Earth Day, and see how they hope to inspire others with the CCS’s own #LEAVENOTRACE campaign. They will be going live via social media platforms for a discussion and bankside cleanup. Please stay tuned and share.

New Content

New articles, podcasts and our latest edition of CCS Live are all available on the site. You might have noticed that this is a fairly common trend. Some of the topics covered in these latest contributions are very thought provoking and will certainly get those gears turning. If you are a member of the CCS, then you too could provide us with content! Have an article idea? Write it up! Have some footage lying around or even have plans to capture some footage? Send it in to be featured on CCSTV! Ultimately, we are a user driven community, the more we all engage the more there is for everyone!

Thank You Carp Kit

A massive thanks to Carp Kit International and Simon Stewart; for not only the benefits package set up for our members, but for also hosting competitions throughout the year. Recently, there has been a monthly giveaway for members who have made purchases on the Carp Kit site since January. These monthly giveaways have helped to fill the boots and buckets of our lucky members and we wanted to make sure to thank our generous sponsor for such a great perk. Thank you Simon and thank you Carp Kit. Be sure to check out to add some much needed carpy paraphernalia to your kit.

And Finally… 

Needless to say, the sun is warm and inviting and our waters are returning to that soft, flowing state that we all very much prefer. If you haven’t been able to get out quite yet (sorry prairie folk) just know that it will be here soon enough, maybe even by our next newsletter. Tight lines to you all, the season is upon us!


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