The Canadian Carp Society is very proud to present CCSTV.

CCSTV is a compilation film series assembled to inform and entertain Canadian Carp Society members through tips, stories, and experiences shared by other members of the CCS. With the projected four episodes per year, CCSTV delivers seasonal content to Canadian Carp anglers that can be more relatable to our members than the vast options shared by UK and European anglers.

Carp are Carp, but Carp anglers vary greatly due to the environments in which they pursue their targets. With the wide variety of carpy environments available to the Canadian Carp angler, variety in strategies, adaptation tactics and methods to make our passion fun are covered in each episode of CCSTV.

The content that builds each episode of CCSTV is created and shared by both seasoned and new anglers to the Carp obsession. All of whom are members actively interacting on our CCS social platform. This allows great discussion opportunities among members that wish to elaborate on topics or learn a new method in finer detail.

If you would like to participate in CCSTV with clips of your own or request ideas, please reach out to our platform admin to get that carpy ball rolling.

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