Another fishing season is drawing to a close across much of this beautiful country, and yet those brave enough to face the elements could still pluck a golden treasure from the now darkening waters. Best of luck to those of you competing in the final SSF of 2022. Whether fishing solo, or with a trio, the SSF is a fantastic bit of fun. If you haven’t joined one previously, consider signing up for our Spring SSF next May!

The Challenge series has come down to our last two competitors. A battle of Quebec which has unfortunately seen a brief delay. However, some good sportsmanship has been shown by Alex Roy as his friend, and opponent, Julien Tremblay has suffered an injury to his hand and for the meantime must rest it up. More details will come as this event gets underway once again!

In other news, there is little that can be said about the CCS Social that hasn’t already been! A fantastic event that saw over 20 anglers from all over Ontario and Quebec, some of which meeting for the first time. With a tackle swap, a BBQ (cheers Simon and Kevin), free beer (thanks Tyler!) As well as giveaways (thank you sponsors and donors), banter, serenades (from the likes of James and Simon) and espresso (courtesy of Kevin). The fish also made an appearance for a number of participating anglers and some even earned the title Chub Master (Will). Thanks to Wayne and Nathan for organizing this incredibly successful event and to all of those that attended. A get together to remember!

Also be sure to check out our latest Podcast featuring Julian Cundiff and Paul Ferritto’s latest article on the Confirmation Bias… it’s a bloody good one!

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