And so we have come to the final newsletter of 2022. As the holidays and winter festivus fast approach, we reflect upon this year in passing and make up our wish lists for jolly old Saint Nick and co.

Welcome All! Don’t Miss Out!

We would first like to welcome all of the 91 new members that have joined us over this past year and invite them to check out all of the groups, articles, videos and more that can be found on our site and app to stay up to date on all things carpy. That goes for all of you long standing members as well. Be sure to check out all of the groups that you can be a part of on our social page. These include buy and sell, bait, rigs, photography, mental health and many more specialized and focused groups. Share your knowledge and bask in a wealth of genius from your fellow members.

Gift a Membership

Looking for a last minute gift idea for someone you know that isn’t already a member of the CCS? Well… why not gift a membership? We feel that for the low cost of our membership any aspiring carp angler would be astounded by all it has to offer! There may even be something in it for you for helping bring more members on board.

The Sit Down Series

Sean Martin will be continuing his “Sit Down” series with the Big Bad Battersby Brothers, Adam and Ben! They have been tearing it up on waters all across Ontario, so this will not be one to miss!


CCS TV Ep.4 is coming down the pipe! We hear rumblings of a January launch, but more details won’t be available until next month’s newsletter, so stay tuned.

CCS Live

Starting January for 3 months, the last Sunday of the month, James Nowell is going to host our new CCS Live sessions. Each session will be split up into 3 parts. This will be done via Zoom and broadcast live on the site. James has already begun working on his itinerary and has made up his schedule informing all guests of the chance of being featured in the broadcasts. Our first CCS Live will be January 28th starting at 7:00 pm (EST) so don’t miss it!


We have mentioned it before and we will mention it again, our article archive is growing by leaps and bounds and there is something for everyone in that catalog. John Bulmer’s recent article “Love All Carp” is a truly special one and we encourage all you to check it out to remind us to appreciate all things in life.

Most Carpy Canadian Photo Comp

How carpy and Canadian can you get in one photo? Capture the true essence of what it means to be a carper and a Canadian for your chance to win a CCS Prize Pack including a one of a kind “Most Canadian Carper” T-Shirt. Break out your hockey sticks, your Timbits, your Keswickian Dinner Jacket and crack open a cold Molson with some carpy paraphernalia tossed in for good measure. This comp closes December 31st, 2023. More details will be posted in Official Announcements.

Monthly Photo Comp

How would you like to appear on our global home page? This is the page visible to the rest of the world, and the logged-out page, and is purely a showcase of what our members catch. Simply post your photo in the Photo Comp group with the #monthlyphoto and we will select one photo per month and add it to the home page gallery with your name. The gallery will also be included in the Photo Comp page. More details will be posted in Official Announcements.

Carp Kit Monthly Draw

January to March – A CCS Member only exclusive. Win $150 worth of bait and end tackle each month, courtesy of Carp Kit. Order anything from Carp Kit between January 1st 2023 and March 31st 2023 to be entered into a monthly draw. More details will come in Official Announcements.

Thank you

A huge thank you to all that have supported us in 2022. It has been a crazy year for us with many changes, the success of the SSF Events, the Challenge Series and the first annual CCS Social to name but a few. 

We would like to wish you all the very best for 2023. 


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