Ah, it is the month of love, family and friendship. Hopefully your significant other showered you with gifts a plenty in the form of some fluoro pink pop ups (always a good choice in spring)! Although some of us might be dreading the idea that this month has an extra day this year, our meteorologically inclined rodents have given us some good news; a promise of an early spring! Though winter likely won’t go quietly, we do hope that those fuzzy little buggers are right and that soon our waters will be a bit more wibbly wobbly. Welcome to February friends, we are nearly there! We hope that this installment finds you well.

On January 21st we hosted our first annual Angler of the Year Virtual Banquet. We celebrated the achievements of the 2023 season and honoured some of those amongst us that exhibited exemplary angling, conservationism, and the spirit of the CCS and Canadian Carp angling. We applaud all of those who were recognized for being in the running for the titles of The Beastmaster, The Mentor, The Most Improved Angler and The Most Hardcore Angler. Congrats to our winners; Sean Martin, John Bulmer, Dawson Cadeau and Peter Weldon! You gentlemen are truly extraordinary in your own rights and we are pleased to have you as a part of this community. We are already keeping our eyes on the newsfeed as this new year dawns, searching for those who stand out amongst us. Remember, if you embody the philosophies of the CCS, put in the work on developing your craft, and take us along on the journey, you could very well be recognized amongst your fellow members!

Do you like free stuff? Does a bear **** in the woods? Well you could be a winner in the months of March and April! If you didn’t already know, as a member you get a discount at Carp Kit International, a true one stop shop for all things carpy here in Canada! On top of that incredible discount however, Carp Kit has just offered something amazing! You could win $150 of carp gear in March and April! If you place an order for ANYTHING from Carp Kit in March and April you will automatically be entered into the monthly draw. There is a code that will need to be entered that will only be made available to our members. So be sure to check out COMPETITIONS for that code, members! Simon will draw the winner each month using Wheel Of Names. The draw will be posted to Official Announcements. Time to stock up for spring and maybe, just maybe win some freebies to boot!

Our latest content features an article by William Muschett that dives into some of his favourite camping and carping in comfort hacks. This is a great little article, and it will certainly get those wheels turning as to how to make your stay on the bankside more comfortable this season! If you have any other great hacks, be sure to post them on the site using the hashtag #hacks. In addition to this, our latest podcast has gone live! Our very own Anthony Russell sat down with Joe Wooltorton A.K.A Curly (@nuffinbutfishing) for a great chat about videography, photography and much more! If you recall, Joe sat down with Galen Yerex (@ontcarpn) and Dan Patteson (@dpatt.fishing) at Ashmansworthy Pools in the UK for Carpology segment which was certainly the talk of our community. Could this mean Carpology finds its way to Canada… time will tell! Finally, a little birdie has informed us that CCSTV Ep.6 is ready to launch! Be sure to keep your eyes on the site for an official release date!

A brief message from our Mental Health and Leave No Trace ambassador, Kevin Girolametto:
It’s okay not to be okay. In a world where mental health struggles often go unnoticed, or unaddressed, it’s crucial to acknowledge that many of us are grappling with inner battles. Shockingly, statistics reveal that one in two individuals facing mental health issues aren’t accessing the necessary support, indicating a significant gap in access to vital services. However, there’s no shame in acknowledging these struggles; in fact, it’s essential to talk about them openly to break down the stigma surrounding mental health. For many, myself included, fishing serves as a sanctuary, a way to practice mindfulness and find solace amidst life’s challenges. Whether landing a fish or simply soaking in the peacefulness of nature, fishing offers a much-needed escape from the daily hustle and bustle, providing valuable downtime for mental well-being. Check out our Mental Health Tab in the members area and please don’t hesitate to join our Mental Health group.

You may recall that we put out a request to our community recently asking for a select number of members to commit to consistent installments be it weekly, monthly etc. A huge shoutout to Jeff Christian, one of our most active members for offering up his time to bring us Jeff’s Journal! In addition to this, we are excited to see Reg Doucet, Gerald Pirson and James Capitain (Fishing in the Basement with the River Rats) producing some great content on YouTube that has been shared on our social feed as well. From bait making, to unboxing videos to hacks we are excited to see what more comes from this channel! Whether it be videos, articles, or simply posts, we celebrate all of our members’ contributions.

In the Northern Hemisphere, the northmost reaches of a body of water heat up the fastest, as they are exposed to sunlight for more extended periods of time. This means that generally speaking, carp will gather in shallower waters on the Northern side of a lake as spring temperatures begin to warm things up. This little tidbit of knowledge might come in handy should you begin scouting your spring campaign swims. Of course, there are exceptions to this, like for example if a body of water has a warm water discharge or a creek/river mouth that’s source extends far into the land into wide open and winding topography. These locations would be optimal for the simple fact that these warmer, flowing waters would be rich in nutrients and early season hatches. Hopefully, this little tip on where to look has helped you narrow your focus for this coming season!

Have you landed an incredible capture worthy of our URC Gallery? Or perhaps that first mirror that will forever be etched into your memory? Why not immortalize it in style! For our CCS Members you will receive 20% off digital copies of your favourite catches. Andy at Bankbound has created some amazing images. We have teamed up with BankBound to offer our members the opportunity to get your own at a huge discount. You can find Bankbound on Instagram – @bankboundcarppics.

Well, that’s you all caught up for this month! Let’s hope that the fuzzy forecaster was right on all accounts, and soon that white powdery nonsense will go the way of the dodo and the ice will release our lakes from its firm grasp. One can hope!


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