Happy New Year! We hope that you had a wonderful winter holiday with friends and loved ones. It may seem bleak now, but rest be assured those days are beginning to grow longer. We are sure that the majority of you are longing for the inevitable and long awaited start to the new season. However, while you curse your sore back from all of the shoveling and vex the cold through chattering teeth, sit back for a few moments and read this latest installment in our monthly newsletter for some exciting things to come in 2024!

The votes have been cast, and the winners decided. Who will take home the titles of Beastmaster, Most Improved, The Mentor, and the Most Hardcore and of course the Angler of the Year? Well, you will just have to tune in to our live broadcast on Sunday, January, 21st 7:00 PM (EST) to find out! A little birdie has also chirped in to inform us that there will be a few more titles and honourable mentions to be acknowledged! We won’t be providing any further details or hints at this time, so tune in for a wondrous time, in celebration of outstanding anglers in your community! 

Our ever popular SSF Series is entering into its fourth year! Over these four years, changes have been made throughout to ensure improved cohesion, management, and more consistent updates. These changes aim to make things more streamlined and equitable. New this year, starting with the Spring SSF, there will be SOLO OR TEAM entries only. This means that if you enter as a solo angler you CANNOT enter as part of a team. Likewise, if you enter as part of a team you CANNOT enter as a solo angler. We made this change to give all of our members a chance of getting into the top of each leaderboard. Please contact us if you have any questions. Our aim is to make this a worldwide event, bringing our community together on our own platform while promoting the CCS on other social media using #CCSSSF and #THECCS

We listen to your feedback! This year we will be upping the ante on the SSF prizes. Please keep an eye on the site for announcements on this over the next few weeks. 

Although we do have a few more articles coming down the pipe, they are coming from names that we have all seen before, and power to them for continuing to produce quality content! However, this is a community and we can all learn from one another. With that being said, we are looking for one or two people that would be interested in doing a weekly or bi-weekly column for the CCS site.

What might this include?
Mini articles, opinions, ramblings and rants about our sport. Pretty much anything goes.
500 to 1500 words with a couple of photos.
This will have its own section within ARTICLES.
These would be emailed to CCS.
This is member only content.

If you are interested, please email – [email protected]

On the search for the perfect compact tackle box? How about with a little rig wallet portion built right in? Well, look no further  you could be our lucky winner!

The Korda BASIX Tackle Box has been designed to offer plenty of storage space for all your rig bits, whilst making it easy to organise and find them when you need to. It is made from shockproof, high impact plastic, with a translucent lid to enable you to see inside.

The lid features a ruler to enable you to accurately measure your rigs and is fastened via two latch closures to prevent any chance of it coming open during transit. Inside the lid of the BASIX Tackle Box are 21 small latched compartments of various sizes, which are perfect for storing items such as lead clips and swivels. Inside the box there are two large compartments, with fixed dividers, which are perfect for rig tools, hook link spools and the like.

It also features a removeable rig tray, complete with pins, which can be used to store up to eight pre-tied rigs (such as the BASIX Ready Tied Hair Rigs), and under this is another long storage compartment.

Entries for this giveaway close on Wednesday 31st January 2024. Be sure to check out this competition under the Members only tab!

Have you tried Monster Carp Tackle’s Corn Pellets? Well, if you haven’t added them into a spod mix, or into some PVA, consider yourself missing out! You can find tons of affordable feeder boilies, corn pellets and hookbaits on the Monster Carp Tackle site, along with their top notch Universal Perfection hook range, and other bits and bobs on their website www.monstercarptacke.com. CCS Members get 10% just for being a member! Check out our Benefits page under the Members only tab for the discount code!

Adam Battersby added a few special photos to the feed the other day of some mirrors he landed on the notorious Rice Lake. It got us thinking about a special little page that we have in conjunction with our URC. Perhaps you haven’t seen it? Our Mirrors Gallery is open to those special recessive mutants that we call mirrors! Have you landed a fully scaled? A near leather? A linear?! Well if so, consider submitting photos along with required details to the Mirrors gallery! We are seeing more and more special specimens getting added, proving that the long standing myth that our wild waters only contain cookie cutter commons is utter nonsense…as overwhelming as that ratio might be on certain waters! Additionally, if you manage to land a substantial fish over thirty pounds this season, consider adding it to our URC 2024 page! Take a peak over at these two pages on the site, and get some motivation to pursue something amazing this year!

We’ve noted some very interesting posts coming from our members as of late on the feed. One that really got our attention was Galen’s post about weights and whether we really need three plus ounces. It was thought provoking and definitely got a few members engaged in discourse. We built this social platform for just such a reason. Our forum is designed to engage our community and drive critical thinking for us all to broaden our perspectives and improve in this amazing sport. So whether you have a great bait recipe, a tip on how to be more eco friendly, interesting theories you wish to bounce off of seasoned anglers or questions on how to improve catch rates, that’s what we want to see! If it starts a conversation, who knows what it could blossom into… that’s how the CCS started after all! 

Have you been following this newsletter for a while now and thinking about becoming a member? Are you set to renew your membership soon and wondering what our Pro Level membership offers over our Standard Level? Well, we are starting to roll out this year’s merch packs. We change the design of the t-shirt every year. It might be a subtle change but this year is something a little different. Likewise, the same can be said for the merch packs. These include some new additions! At the time of writing, the first 20 packs are being sent out this week. 

As per usual, we hope that this newsletter finds you well. To our friends and members in the Prairies, we hope that this cold snap releases you from its grip soon. Stay warm! Meanwhile, Ontarians and Quebecois are playing a good ole game of “where is the road?” Really makes you grateful for those warm summer days ahead, doesn’t it? A round of applause to those nutty enough to brave the cold and the powder for some winter glory. Can’t wait to see more of those first fish of 2024. Tight lines all!


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