July has been hot, and the action has been too! The CCS members have been posting lots of catches to the community, including an impressive amount of Mirror Carp. 

Round Three of the Challenge series is in full swing and we are nearing our semi-final showdown! Keep up to date by checking the Challenge page on the site.

Our friends at the American Carp Society have shared our Podcast #17 – Anthony Russell hosts Sean Manning and Wayne Boon. They discuss some historical sessions with multiple 40lb+ carp being captured and what’s going on at The American Carp Society.

Our collectible CCS coins are just in and are looking MINT! They are currently available to our SSF winners. Keyword; currently.

Stay cool out there. Hydration. Sunscreen. Shade. Check out Nathan Cutler’s “Sun Care” article. 

If you’re out there in the heat for a long session; one of our members found a battery powered fan that packs down to an acceptable 8″ x 4″! Search for Will Muschett’s post in the community feed. 

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