21st October 2023

When we kicked off the CCS Challenge Series 2023 in June, CCS Ops Dave Pendlebury had the idea that the winner could challenge a member of the DT Baits UK team. We put that to DT Baits and it was accepted with pleasure! 

DT UK Team member Adrian Spooner stepped up to face CCS Challenge winner Sean Martin.

How it works. 

– Adrian will be fishing at a location in Kent, England. 12pm GMT.
– Sean will be fishing at a location in Ontario, Canada. 7am ET.
– Starting at the same time, both anglers will have 24 hours to catch. Biggest carp landed wins.
– Each angler will check-in by video at the start of the challenge, every 4 hours, and at the end of the challenge. 
– There will be filming at both locations. 

Thank you to Fenton Trewick and Swimbooker for helping to make this challenge possible. 

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