The verdict from our weather prognosticating rodents is that we are to expect six more weeks of winter. Yes, unfortunately all but Wiarton Willie have given us this grim forecast. Could they be wrong? One could hope, but the Farmer’s Almanac is definitely showing a similar trend for the long range forecast as we have now come into the month of February. Welcome, to the shortest month of the Calendar year, let’s hope it flies by as quickly as January!

CCS Live

The first installment of CCS Live was amazing! Did you miss it? That’s alright, because we made sure to record it! Check it out if you haven’t already under the “Broadcasts” tab. Big ups to James Nowell for hosting and to the guests Wayne Smith, Julien Tremblay, Sean Martin, Ryan Ginter and Galen Yerex for sharing their stories and perspectives as they looked back on 2022 and the very productive seasons they had. Very much looking forward to the next one at the end of this month. 


During the live, you might recall that James alluded to the exciting news that CCSTV Ep.4 is on its way! Yes indeed it has been confirmed that the latest installment will drop any day now! Big thanks to John Bulmer of The Angler Files for continuing to take on this commitment to bring us a lovely compilation of the successes and lighterside of Canadian carp angling from all across this beautiful country! What a way to warm our innards and get us fired up for spring during these bitterly cold months. Stay tuned!

SSF 2023

The 2023 SSF registration is open! Is there an echo in here? Do we need to say it again? If you are looking to have a bit of fun this year and haven’t already participated in one of these events we strongly encourage you to give them a go! If you are a veteran of the game then you already know and perhaps preparations have already begun to put together your team and scout out likely spring swims! Remember that you can participate in either solo, team or both events! Be sure to check out the dates on the official SSF tab to know when to call the Bossman and tell them that you are sick that week!

Ops Team

A big welcome to a man from the land without common carp… somehow! John O’Connor is an ex-pat living in, of all places, Alberta. A province supposedly void of common carp with only mentions of Prussian carp anywhere you read. John O’Connor has been so kind as to step up to represent both Alberta, as well as fill the role of our Benefits Manager. His duty will be to find more discounts, and deals for our CCS members with the purchase of that membership every year. Big ups to John who we understand is already putting a few things together. Let it be known that you can reach out to him with any questions and ideas you may have! Thanks John, for taking on the role.

Prairie Banx 2

What started out as some connections made on our CCS site, has now turned into a worldwide phenomenon. Paul Cioca of Team Carp Official on YouTube and a member of the CCS met Anthony Russell and Ryan Ginter through the CCS and together they filmed, to date, the greatest Canadian carp film ever produced, Prairie Banx. This caught the attention of viewers all around the world showcasing what Canada had to offer the carp fishing world. We learned just recently that it also caught the attention of two big names in the Carping world. We would like to congratulate Paul Cioca on partnering with Cypography and KWO to bring to the world’s stage Prairie Banx 2. We should all celebrate Paul and this amazing achievement helping to put Canada on the map to an audience well-beyond our borders!

Latest Content

Have you been keeping up to date with the latest content? There is some seriously amazing stuff in the annals of the collection that continues to grow. John Wannamaker’s article on Statistics and Carp Fishing Part 2: Chasing the 50 is simply fantastic and an incredibly analytical and mathematical way of looking at the likelihood of catching a 50 lb fish in a water body like Lake Ontario. Definitely worth the read! How about the very unique article that just dropped, or should we say obituary? The Ode To the Claw is quite possibly one of the first articles ever written in Canada dedicated to the celebration of the life of one beloved fish landed by a group of anglers over the course of six years! Finally, the latest CCS Podcast features part two of a conversation between the CCS and the ACS (American Carp Society), our friends south of the 49th parallel. Keep your eyes on that truly Canadian content. 


Make sure you join all of the groups the CCS has to offer so as to make the most of your experience! Remember that you can reach out to any member at any time if you have any ideas or questions, and be sure to reach out to the OPS team if you have any ideas for content, contests etc. 

Consider giving a CCS membership, the winter holidays may have come and gone, but you can still take advantage of this gracious offer to help someone you know align with this amazing group.

Finally, remember to check the Competitions page for any and all contests. Carpkit is still running its contest for $150 of free carpy paraphernalia and all you need to do is put in an order! Be sure to check out the details! Additionally, we still have a photo contest that is running for the entire year! We anticipate that a flood of images will start rolling in come spring, but remember the most Canadian carpy photo might not feature a carp at all! Get your cameras out and your thinking caps on!

And Finally… 

As much as we may hope that those meteorologically inclined, ground dwelling mammals are wrong and that so too is the Farmer’s Almanac, I think it’s fair to say that Spring will soon come when it is due. Until then, let’s stay warm and prepare ourselves for the amazing year ahead!

Tight Lines! 


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