Is it just us, or did February come and go in a blink of an eye?! March has arrived friends, and with it, a promise that Spring is just around the corner. Before long, we will all be bankside once again, actively participating in this collective addiction we share. 

A Fond Farewell to Mr. Martin

To start off, a bit of bittersweet news. The Ops Team is sad to announce that our good friend Sean Martin has stepped down from his role with us. Whether or not this will be temporary, or permanent, Sean’s contributions as a member of the founding inner circle that brought the CCS to life will not be forgotten or overshadowed. Sean will continue to run his “Sit Down” Series, and will happily involve himself in projects going forward. You are a true ambassador of this sport Mr. Martin and we will wish you all the best in your future ventures! 

CCS 2nd Anniversary

It’s hard to believe that what started as 15 guys from all across Canada throwing ideas around on a Zoom call has turned into this. As of March 20th, the CCS will be two years young, and my oh my have we grown! It is all thanks to all of you who believed in our mission, and shared in this passion. So here’s a huge thank you to the lot of you, members! Be sure to keep your eyes on the site for updates for some second year anniversary celebratory events!


To celebrate our 2 year anniversary, we will be running a couple of competitions. Members will have the chance to win some very limited edition CCS gear!

As a reminder to all of our members – Buy anything from Carp Kit throughout March to be in for a chance to win $150 worth of carp gear! For more details, see the information in Official Announcements. 

CCS Store

Are the kids still calling it $wag? Or is it #dripcheck now? Either way, be sure to check out the CCS Store as we will be adding some very limited items to celebrate our 2 years! Once they’re gone, THEY’RE GONE!

Winter Warriors

It’s hard to believe that with the harshness of winter, some of our members from right here in the Great White North are still managing to put carp on the mat. Since our last newsletter, there have been more capture reports from Peter Weldon, John Bulmer, Harry Kouwen, Jeff Christian and Donald Richard just to name a few. Big ups to these winter heroes for braving the elements that have so many of us hunkered down with cabin fever! You are an inspiration to us all! Be sure to post all of your captures to the main page and if you happen to net a 30, don’t forget to submit to the URC page.


If you haven’t already set time aside to view the latest installment of CCSTV, then you should really consider getting on that! With ample footage of last year’s social on the banks of the St. Lawrence, this episode is the next best thing to having been there in person! Maybe it will even inspire you to join one or more of this year’s socials… yes we said or more 😉 stay tuned for more information. Remember that ANY member of the CCS can and is encouraged to add content to our CCSTV. So, record any and all of your adventures and banter whilst bankside, in your carpy man cave tying rigs, wherever! You are likely amongst us anglers who have said “I wish I had the camera rolling for that.” So, get those cameras rolling friends!

CCS Live

James Nowell did a fantastic job on the last CCS Live. His guest Kevin Girolametto was the inspiration behind a huge heart to heart talk about mental health and seeking help. This first half of the Live was NOT recorded for reasons of confidentiality and not wanting such messages to find their way outside of our circle and be misconstrued and/or misrepresented. His second guest, Will Muschett, spoke of his experiences working with bringing carp to the masses and working alongside such TV Shows as Fish’N Canada, and with the likes of Matt Hayes. If this month’s Live – 7pm Sunday 26th March – will be anything like the past two, you certainly won’t want to miss another exceptional program. 

Cypography Features Canada!

Cypography and KWO have finally made the announcement we have all been waiting for with baited breath. Prairie Banx 2 is LIVE! A HUGE congratulations to Paul Cioca, Anthony Russell and Ryan Ginter for this incredible achievement and a huge thanks to you gentleman for showcasing the incredible potential of Canada’s wild water carp fishing. The videography is bar- none and the journey is inspiring. Words can scarcely describe the importance of this production. You can find a link for 24 hours free access on the site (see Official Announcements) to catch the first of 3 Prairie Banx 2 installments. A subscription to Cypography or KWO for parts 2 and 3 wouldn’t be a bad idea… Netflix for carpers, what’s not to like!?!

A Call To Action: Mental Health Check-In

Inspired by Kevin Girolametto’s work with the mental health page in addition to his recent CCS Live appearance, we feel that we should all consider our mental well-being and the well-being of those around us. Take the time this month to reach out to a friend and help lift their spirits, or alternatively take a bit of time for yourself to recharge those batteries and find time for your passions. This is your challenge, NOW GET TO IT!

And Finally… 

It’s insane to think that we are nearing two years, and as we have grown to over 225 members across this vast land. We feel that it is safe to say that we all feel a little closer to one another thanks to this wonderful platform and to all of you. Don’t forget to book off that time for the upcoming Spring SSF event! The news feed will soon be flooded with many member’s first captures of the year, we are nearly there friends!

Tight lines!


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