To think, a few weeks ago most of the lakes out west were still frozen stiff, and now they are opening up and fish are being spotted crashing in shallow bays! Crazy how quickly things can change this time of year. They say that April showers bring May flowers, but let’s hope that those monsoons of late will bring more than just abundant flora! The rivers are swollen, the fish are biting and the SSF is only two weeks away, it’s got to be May! It’s about to get really busy at CCS HQ, so let’s talk about what to expect this month.

If you haven’t already signed up for this SSF event, what are you waiting for? It’s two weeks away! You will note some changes from last years events that we have gone over in previous Newsletters and more information about these changes can be found in the Members area under SSF. Have you wondered perhaps what prompted these changes? Do you have something you want to say about these changes? Do you have some other ideas for how we can improve the formatting of such events? Then the CCS wants to hear from you. These most recent changes are what you might call a “trial run” to see if participants see value in having more of a chance of placing in the top of each category. We will be putting out a member survey and/or hosting a virtual event to get the opinions of our members after the event to determine how these events will proceed going forward. It’s worth signing up to be able to see how these changes could be very welcomed. So don’t delay, kick off is only TWO WEEKS AWAY.

For a little more motivation, check out the prizes on the site.

Don’t forget to tag all of your captures on social media with #CCSSSF2024. Tight lines all!

Recent social media posts have shown how opportunities can be taken away when we don’t take care. Ponds no longer stocking fish for future generations, and access to public being restricted or outright prohibited due to garbage and disrespect of bankspace. Let’s do our part and try and pick up not only after ourselves, but perhaps one other person that doesn’t share the mentality that we do. If everyone adopted such a practice, just imagine how much cleaner this world would be, and how much more opportunities we could see. Kevin Girolametto, our head of the Leave No Trace initiative here with the CCS, has this to say:

For the entire month of May 2024, let’s harness the collective power of Canadian carp anglers and CCS members to drive positive change and inspire others worldwide through our actions and social media presence. Leading by example is a potent force, and when we come together, our impact is magnified. Let’s not only bring back what we take fishing but also take the initiative to clean up any mess left behind by others along the banks. Capture before-and-after photos, weigh any garbage that is collected, and share them in our #leavenotracegroup and/or on social media. By compiling a gallery of images and stories from the CCS community, we aim to motivate and encourage others to follow suit. With the spring SSF approaching (May 18th – 27th), there’s ample opportunity for participants to make a meaningful difference over the 10-day event. Even those not partaking in the SSF can contribute. Let’s focus our efforts and strive to make a significant impact throughout May. If you prefer not to join the #leavenotrace group, you can email your pictures directly to the CCS admin. Thank you in advance to everyone for your participation and dedication to preserving our natural environment.

Speaking of leaving no trace and trying to rectify the great injustice of pollution and garbage, our latest partner ReCast Fishing is bringing us back to the three R’s, and highlighting how we can reduce our impact, by reusing plastics found in aquatic environments to recycle them into new hard plastic baits. We can’t stress enough how on side we at the CCS are, and although not a “carpy” product, we are fully aware that a number of our members are multispecies anglers. With that being said, we have reached out for a partnership and they have accepted! CCS Members receive 10% off of ReCast products. Let’s help ReCast in their mission to have a positive impact on the environment and catch some predatory species in the process. Happy eco-conscience shopping.

Those nasty little buggers are back, and with that comes two of the biggest carriers of bloodborne diseases. Did you know that mosquitos are considered one of the most deadly creatures on the planet as a result of malaria’s high mortality rate in developing countries. Though Canada might not be a developing country, it’s a bit of food for thought that you never know who that mosquito bit last. Be sure to wear repellents with deet when possible and wear clothing that limits exposed skin. Do tick checks after every trip, particularly if where you are fishing is frequented by wildlife such as deer, or is located near dense, unkempt grass/vegetation. When doing a tick check of the body, be sure to check everywhere warm as they are very sneaky and particularly like finding areas of the body where they can be hidden from direct exposed view whilst still remaining warm. Belly buttons and behind the ears are very common places and often go unchecked. Having a tick kit on you or at home is recommended to be able to remove the tick properly upon discovery, as is tucking pants into socks when possible to give ticks less access to warm areas such as inside of the knees, groin and buttocks. Lyme disease is on the rise and tick populations are expanding annually so take this matter seriously.

Join us in recognizing Canadian Mental Health Awareness Week from May 6 to 12, 2024, as we shed light on the importance of mental well-being. Did you know that activities like carp fishing can promote good mental health? Engaging in outdoor recreational activities like fishing promotes mindfulness and relaxation, contributing to a positive mindset. This year the CMHA’s Mental Health Week aims to emphasize the healing power of compassion, this year’s theme, “A Call to be Kind,” urges us to recognize the profound impact of kindness on mental health. Let’s embrace our capacity for compassion and come together to support one another. We invite you to join the mental health group on the CCS platform, where members can potentially connect, share experiences, find support or simply read others posts surrounding mental health. Together, let’s explore how compassion connects us all and make a difference in the lives of those struggling with mental health challenges.

Sean Martin, the carp catching connoisseur is also a lover of all things nature and an advocate for respecting those with whom we share the bank with. He shared a message of similar sentiment last year and we felt it needed to be shared once again. To paraphrase, as anglers, we are guests to the river and so should give courtesy to nesting birds and other wildlife (yes that means snakes too, Sean) recognizing that this space is their home. Be cautious as to where you step, and be sure to clean up after yourself to help protect not only the wildlife, but also protect the space for future generations to enjoy. Brilliantly said, Sean! As anglers we are the boots on the ground for places such as the MNR and our voice is important. If you see anything that seems to be a concern, do not keep it to yourself and if you see others not respecting wildlife, do your part and confront or report it. We are guests, and so we should be sure to show some etiquette.

We absolutely missed mentioning last month that the Angler of the Year campaign has commenced once again. We will be sticking with the same categories as last year; The Beastmaster, The Most Improved, The Most Hardcore, The Mentor and The Angler of the Year. Last year was such a resounding success and we are excited to bring it back for its second year. All the great posts throughout April have been a great sign that the 2024 race for Angler of the Year has begun. Keep your eyes on the social media channels for anglers that exemplify what it means to be an ambassador of the sport, who is actively involved and contributes to the community in a variety of ways. Also watch for those anglers who are new to the sport that are learning by leaps and bounds and progressing well in their craft. Finally, consider those hardcore anglers that fish in any and all conditions, and those that manage to find behemoth carp consistently. If all of these boxes are ticked for one angler, then perhaps they are worthy of the title of Angler of the Year. From now until the end of the season, engage and immerse yourself in the community. Who knows, perhaps you will find yourself holding one of those five titles at the end of this year.

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We hope that your spring campaigns have been fruitful thus far and that you have managed to find sometime or will over the course of the SSF event to be able to get in a bit of fishing alongside your fellow members. The finest season of them all is upon us friends, let’s get out in the pursuit of some golden glory! 


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