For some of us in Ontario and Quebec, a really brief warm spell in mid April was a very welcomed bit of weather that a good number of our constituents took advantage of. With temperatures approaching 30 degrees Celsius we received but a teaser of what many of us have been longing for. However, only a few days later we returned to at first seasonal and then well below seasonal temperatures, a wonderful reminder that our beloved Mother Nature can sometimes be a real temperamental… anyway. Welcome to May!

Leave No Trace

Just because Earth Day has come and gone, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be putting ECO over our own EGOs. We have heard from some of our members that they have already been observing waterfowl and turtles occupying the same spaces as them on the bank. Keep an eye out for our animal brothers and sisters and consider giving them the space to feel comfortable laying and raising their young. Needless to say we share this space with them and we need to recognize that we are the ones who are guests. As such, we need to remember to take out what we bring in, and even leave spaces BETTER than we find them. We know that we hammer this point into you often, just recognize that we feel this is a fundamental part of affirming our identity not only as an authority on carp fishing in Canada, but also as ambassadors for the conservation of this beautiful marble we call home. Let’s do our part and lead by example.

Mental Health Awareness

May 1st to 7th was Mental Health Week. This is obviously something that we at the CCS are really passionate about, as for many of us, angling is something that has saved us from the worst of ourselves. Regardless however, people still fight battles that some of us could scarcely imagine, and it hits closer to home than you could comprehend. Let’s end the stigma of talking about the way we feel (looking at you in particular, fellas)! Let’s instead open up the floor to difficult conversations and resolutions, over stagnation and succumbing to the darkness. Mental health is physical health and needs to be a priority in your life.

Check in on your friends!

SSF & Challenge Series

The time is nearly upon us to start (what will be for many) the first MEGA campaign of the year! The Spring SSF is merely DAYS away friends! Did you remember to book that time off of work? From what we can see the number of anglers that have signed up is the highest it has been to date! We are very excited to see what will come out of our illustrious waters this year and have heard rumours of some die hard missions that some of our members are on. This might get a bit competitive… but remember it is all in good fun!

The Challenge Series, on the other hand, is set to be cutthroat this year! Remember that ANYTHING can happen. Where the SSF is a week long, the Challenge comes down to a day of fishing. Ultimately, the day chosen could see a real contender facing near impossible conditions, or an underdog finding a shoal of absolute units during the duration of their session. It can truly come down to one fish, just ask William Muschett (that’s me I am writing this LOL)! Registration will be opening up soon so be sure to keep your eye out for the official announcement.

First Social: Peterborough

Our first social of 2023 was a successful one all things considered! A number of anglers from across Ontario met just north of Peterborough at a very accessible location for a day of fishing in some proper gag-worthy weather. The rain, wind and cold was less than desirable, but this didn’t stop Jacob Wyrzykowski from showing everyone how it was done, banking four gorgeous fish up to 32 lbs! Outstanding performance sir, and remember to upload that biggun to the URC Page! The CCS put up a $75 Monster Carp Tackle gift card for a draw! Congratulations to Craig Ross for winning that draw! Big thanks to James Nowell, Galen Yerex, Wayne Smith and Dan Patteson for helping to make this event a success. Stay tuned for the announcement for the next one.

Personal Safety: Ticks

Those little blood sucking, Lyme disease carrying a–arachnids are on the move once again. Once temperatures exceed 5 degrees Celsius, ticks begin to emerge and orient themselves on the outer reaches of grasses and branches in hopes of finding a host to latch on to. With concerns of ailments like Lyme Disease, we need to be mindful not only of where we walk, but also of doing tick checks after treks through taller vegetation/wooded areas. Tick repellents are also recommended as a means of deterring them. Don’t let a little bug become a BIG problem.

There is a very good article by Kevin Girolametto in the members section. Go to Articles > Ticks & Lyme Disease.

And Finally… 

To see the catch reports flying in, is certainly lighting a fire for the lot of us. The coming weeks look prime for some action for those of you that are waiting in the wings for an optimal time to get out there. Remember to double check that those bait stops are firmly in place and those hook protectors are off!


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