It’s finally here! Even our friends in the prairies are seeing temperatures in the double digits on the right side of the zero! Spring has finally arrived, and the capture reports are rolling in! Can you believe that there have already been a few 30 lb specimens landed by our members this year?! If this is telling of what is to come, this will be a season to remember. Hopefully, you have all booked off that time for our upcoming SSF event in May, and hopefully you are finding some time to, if not fish, scout out some promising locations for that first campaign of the year.

Angler Of The Year

The goal of this program is to highlight the growth, efforts and interactions of CCS members throughout the year. Members simply need to engage on our platform and within the various groups throughout the year with posts, write ups, content creation and such to highlight how their season is going. That’s it, just be active on our site so everyone can share in your journey of Carpyness.

At year’s end, members will have the opportunity to vote on a series of categories to decide all members most fitting of the presented titles. Once the votes are calculated, we will host a live broadcast to celebrate the accomplishments of our members and provide recognition to those YOU feel were most deserving through their actions and activities. 

If you are new to the sport, a specimen hunter, a carpy mentor or an absolutely obsessive Carp angler there will be a category for you. More details to follow, so watch our Official Announcements page.

First Social Of 2023

By popular request, we have decided to piece together a few more socials this year in varying locations across Canada. Our first this year will be in Peterborough, Ontario. April 29th is the current proposed date, and more details will follow so be sure to check out the site. This will be a day long social, as opposed to our previous multi-day socials. Look out for more socials similar to this one and nearer to you, to have the opportunity to meet more of our members and maybe have a few fish along the way!

Member Benefits

If you have been watching our Benefit page, then you know all too well that there are already a number of benefits to being a CCS member. Well, good news, more benefits are coming! They have been set in stone, and some of these will require you to have a digital/printed copy of your membership. Some of these benefits include a national tire service, accommodations and even a brand new tackle supplier. Keep your eyes peeled, as there are some pretty great perks on the horizon.

Earth Day

Earth Day is a globally recognized event that has taken place annually on April 22nd to raise awareness and inspire action towards environmental protection. It is crucial to take steps towards preserving the natural environment. As avid carp anglers in Canada, it is important for us to do our part and keep the swims that we fish litter free. Litter and debris not only detract from the beauty of these locations, but also have a harmful impact on the local wildlife and their habitats.

Remember, every little effort counts towards creating a sustainable environment, and Earth Day provides the perfect opportunity to start. Let’s all do our part and make a conscious effort to clean up after ourselves and leave the swims we fish better than we found them! The Canadian Carp Society believes that by taking collective action we can create a positive impact on the environment and inspire others to do the same.

Please join CCS members Kevin Girolametto, Adam Battersby and Chad Normand this coming April 22nd for Earth Day, and see how they hope to inspire others with the CCS’s own #LEAVENOTRACE campaign. They will be going live via social media platforms for a discussion and bankside cleanup. Please stay tuned and share.

New Content

New articles, podcasts and our latest edition of CCS Live are all available on the site. You might have noticed that this is a fairly common trend. Some of the topics covered in these latest contributions are very thought provoking and will certainly get those gears turning. If you are a member of the CCS, then you too could provide us with content! Have an article idea? Write it up! Have some footage lying around or even have plans to capture some footage? Send it in to be featured on CCSTV! Ultimately, we are a user driven community, the more we all engage the more there is for everyone!

Thank You Carp Kit

A massive thanks to Carp Kit International and Simon Stewart; for not only the benefits package set up for our members, but for also hosting competitions throughout the year. Recently, there has been a monthly giveaway for members who have made purchases on the Carp Kit site since January. These monthly giveaways have helped to fill the boots and buckets of our lucky members and we wanted to make sure to thank our generous sponsor for such a great perk. Thank you Simon and thank you Carp Kit. Be sure to check out to add some much needed carpy paraphernalia to your kit.

And Finally… 

Needless to say, the sun is warm and inviting and our waters are returning to that soft, flowing state that we all very much prefer. If you haven’t been able to get out quite yet (sorry prairie folk) just know that it will be here soon enough, maybe even by our next newsletter. Tight lines to you all, the season is upon us!


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