Hard as it may be to believe, our 100 days of summer is dwindling away and soon the trees will put on their autumnal dress. The kids will return to school and we will get stuck behind those school buses again on our commute to work. Not to be the bearer of bad news folks, but before we know it, the nights will become longer and the temperatures will begin to dip into those less than preferred negative integers. Enough of that dismal nonsense though, let’s get back to the reality at hand. The fishing has been amazing, our members all across the country are catching and there is still plenty of time left to have red-letter sessions. Happy August CCS, let’s recap what has gone down this month and what is to come. 


The 2023 CCS social, if you weren’t already aware, has been confirmed. Tickets have been flying out of the CCS Store, and there are only a handful remaining. If you are interested in taking part in an amazing event with a number of CCS members from across the provinces of Ontario and Quebec somewhere along the St. Lawrence Seaway, we encourage you to pick up a ticket of your own and join us. Last year’s event was a great success and a video of that social can be found on our YouTube channel so check it out if you wish to see what you can expect.

NEW FOR 2023: We also have a limited number of Non-Fishing Guest Tickets available. Details for these can be found on the store. 


This is just a reminder that the CCS is calling on our members to keep their eyes open for exemplary anglers for our Angler of the Year awards. Do you know an angler that goes above and beyond to catch a trophy specimen? Perhaps you know a great advocate who helps promote the sport to everyone who engages with them? Or perhaps an angler that seems to have a real knack for finding overhanging trees and butchering every cast? Keep these members in mind when it comes time to cast your votes for each of our categories. Yes, we are turning this over to you towards the end of this season, hopefully you already have a few anglers in mind.


Round three is over, and we are down to our final eight anglers who will be battling it out for their place in the semi and final. A big congrats to Jeff Christian, Louis-Michel Gravel, Nathan Savoie, Sean Martin, Jarrett Harris, Andrew Walker, Anthony Russell and Justin Lamere for making it this far in the challenge. It all wraps up September 25th, so by our next newsletter we should most certainly have updates as to who our semi finalists, or even finalists are. Stay tuned and tight lines to the lot of you! You can keep up with all of the updates under our Challenges tab and/or on the main feed.


The beloved CCS TV series is continuing with Episode 5 now in production! Submissions are still being accepted and we encourage anyone who wants to be featured as a member of the CCS to submit their recordings. Whether it be a rig tip, a fish care video, a hilarious blooper, or perhaps a PB bucket soaking, submit those clips to John Bulmer who is overseeing the entire project. Big ups once again to John for this undertaking. Stay tuned for updates on a release date. 


A big thanks to Sean Martin for hosting our most recent CCS Live. Sean sat down with a number of guests including previous winners of SSF and Challenge series events. They discussed tactics, and hardships of their experiences and it is definitely worth checking out to get unique perspectives and insight from members across this country. A date for the next CCS Live event is already being discussed so if you have any ideas for topics you would like to see discussed or guests you would like to see on, feel free to share those on the social channel.


As we begin to feel those nights get colder, it is important that we come prepared for all that this time of year can throw at us. Some nights it might be pleasant and warm, other nights damp and downright chilly. If you are going out for an overnight session, bring more than you need in terms of clothing. You could fall into the drink and find yourself soaked and very uncomfortable shivering in your bedchair. It doesn’t take much to pack an extra pair of pants, a sweater, and some socks and undergarments for extenuating circumstances such as this! Remember that your comfort often dictates your length of stay.


Let’s talk about some mega captures that have been posted to the site recently. The Patteson brothers have been absolutely killing it lately fishing a stunning location on Rice Lake! Numerous 20+ lb specimens have been banked and better yet, they have been sharing these incredible captures with kids and loved ones. It’s wonderful to see our carpy missionaries out there converting the young and impressionable. All jokes aside, it’s great to see these advocates putting kids on fish. (Perhaps one of those Angler of the Year considerations…?)

As per usual, Louis-Philip Lortie is also smashing it, catching a PB Mirror of 40 lbs 8 oz! This along with a ton of other 25+ lb mirrors from a well known Mirror Lake in Quebec to add to his impressive catch diary. The Martins (Sean and Alisha) have also been crushing it on the Bay of Quinte and surrounding Trent River, with numerous units hitting their mat as well! Richard Thelander’s recent post about the discovery of carp in the river in his backyard has us all envious. We have also noted a few UK and Portuguese peeps popping in on the feed as well posting some of their captures as well! Happy to see that the year has been kind to all of us.
Keep on posting, friends! 

We hope that this newsletter finds you all well, and like the Patteson’s get a kid out fishing before the hustle and bustle of school kicks off again!

Tight lines all!

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